10 Android Apps that Shocked me…

Top 10 Best Android Apps so far in 2019 – Must have apps for Android that have really surprised me! App links: (0:07) Skip Track Settings: http://bit.ly/2JEfwkr . (Requires an adb command from a laptop or PC to work – it’s quick but a little advanced) (0:25) Firefox Send: http://bit.ly/2W4LXyV (0:53) Aroundsound: http://bit.ly/2whsI64 (1:18) Abstruct: http://bit.ly/2JF89Ju (1:39) AiCut: http://bit.ly/2K3NJJt (2:06): Storage Organiser: http://bit.ly/2K39xFe (2:33) SpotOn Alarm for YouTube: http://bit.ly/2WnYAEN (2:55) Rise: http://bit.ly/2W7j8Sz (3:20) Battery Notch: http://bit.ly/2JGIUGA (3:46) Scribbl: http://bit.ly/2XaJGyQ (4:09) Afterglow: http://bit.ly/2Mk4WkW


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