10 Craziest Lion Attacks Caught On Camera…

When an elephant and a lion encounter each other – there’s no guessing who will come out victorious. These two animals don’t always see eye to eye. And a face-off between the two can be extremely brutal!

Aside from humans, lions are the only predators powerful enough to kill an elephant. But when elephants fight back – they make lions retreat like no one would expect! Here are 10 Times Elephants Took Revenge On Lions! 10) The Great Elephant Chase Lions are one of the few predators powerful enough to kill an elephant. Any herd of elephants walking through a savanna will trumpet and chase away the lions they encounter.

If they’re not successful, the lions make an attack from behind. They circle around the straggler, usually youngsters or females, jump onto its back and flanks, and drag it to the ground! And when it’s a pride of lions attacking elephants, a bloody face-off is inevitable!

This sneaky pride of lions think they’ve hit the jackpot for a hearty meal but the elephants quickly show them that they made the grave mistake of underestimating them. The lions slowly approach the great mammal in an attempt to attack and things look like they may be in their favor until one sharp herd member spots the pride of lions and begins to charge at them!

The lion has a running speed of upto 80 km/hr so the pride manages to get away in time but it’s safe to say that these elephants won’t be bothered again anytime soon as the whole herd is seen trumpeting and chasing after the lions with their counterpart! 9) Elephant alarm clock It’s rare for an elephant to initiate an attack against lions.

But with their humongous size, elephants can cause plenty of damage to lions. Even if the lion somehow survives, and the elephant doesn’t kill them, the ordeal could rob the lion of all energy to hunt anything else for a long time. This lazy lion is enjoying a cozy afternoon nap in the savanna next to a tree.

That is, until this rebellious elephant approaches the innocent lion and its counterpart. Even though the lions did nothing to provoke the elephant, they’re met with an unpleasant surprise when the turbulent elephant begins to chase them.

The lions manage to get away just in time before they could be crushed under the elephant’s 6,000 kg weight!…


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