10 EXTREME Wild Animal Fights

Some animals may seem calm, self-contained, and content to you. They can even pretend that they are sleeping, but nothing can stop them from being deadly dangerous. Wild animals can not only harm humans, in fact, but they also tend to harm other animals as well. So, today, we are looking at the fights of the wildest animals that you may have never imagined watching.

Number one will definitely shock you, so stay tuned for that! Number 10. Caiman vs electric eel Alligators are usually the winners in any fight they get involved in, whether a lion, a buffalo, or a hippo. But what if we tell you that they can lose to a fish? Would you believe us? If not, we have video proof to validate our claim.

It is not a normal fish but an electric eel the alligator is fighting. In footage posted to YouTube, the eel flops on the muddy banks of an unidentified waterway as the alligator eyes its prey. Its appetite aroused, the gator finally snaps its jaws over the slithery eel, only to be stunned. Small eels can carry a charge up to 100 volts, while larger breeds can produce between 450 to 650 volts of electricity. It takes barely more than a minute before the gator is stunned beyond the capacity to move.

Finally, he rolls over motionless onto his side as the filmmakers yell off the camera. The video has been viewed more than hundreds and thousands of times. At the end of the video, it’s uncertain what condition the alligator is in, as his rear legs kick slightly.

9. Snake vs. Bunny Bunny does know how to fight back against the snake. If you don’t believe us, after watching this clip, you will! He might not hunt them or kill them in their defense, but they can fight against them to protect themselves. While watching this clip, do not feel bad for Bunny because he was not less in that fight.

When a snake tried to attack him from his back, he gave him a hard time dodging his attacks with his defensive nature. He grabbed the snake and kept kicking him viciously that made the snake flee away in terror. But Bunny even went insane that he bit him aggressively at the back of the snake when he tried to run away.

In this video, a poor little iguana is up against a large group of snakes. The iguana probably wandered off just like the lion and ended up in the wrong territory. He is aware that snakes’ eyes aren’t good, and they can only detect movements. The iguana stays still until it can to avoid any detection, but not for too long. As soon as a snake touches its tail, the iguana makes it move and runs for its life.

How long before he gets caught? The snakes come at him from everywhere, and it seems like he has nowhere to run. After getting caught, the iguana tries his best to get away, and finally does and starts running again. The little creature makes his way towards to rocks and, after endless running, jumps to the top of the hill and out of snakes’ territory. He finally regroups with other iguanas.

One thing you need to know about crocodiles is that they are absolutely vicious animals. Like a lion who is the king of the forest, crocodiles are the kings of forest waters. No one is allowed to get into their territory. If some innocent animal does wander off there, it just might be their last day. In this video, a pack of wildebeest has found this river on a hot summer day. It looks perfect for a dip and drinking all the water they can. Most of them don’t even know what a crocodile is, so they do not think about any danger.

While drinking water, a crocodile attacks them out of nowhere and grabs one wildebeest by the throat. It is his last day on earth. The other wildebeest watch the showdown from afar and thank god that they have been spared.

But they are not aware of the fact that three hundred crocodiles live in the Grumeti River. Wildebeest have never seen a crocodile before, so they are unsure how much danger they are in. They go back in the water to drink and again get attacked by crocodiles.

This time four wildebeest lose their life. Now the pack of wildebeest has learned its lesson, and all of them run back to the plain in their territory.


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