10 Most Muscular Dog Breeds In The World.

Today, we’re bringing you the 10 Most Muscular Dog Breeds In The World. You better stick through to #1 for the one breed capable of out-racing and out-muscling any other dog in the world!

Once ancient warriors, bred for bull baiting, herding livestock, weight pulling, and extreme sports, there are several strong and muscular dog breeds that should be revered to this day.

Nowadays, you’ll find them and all their remarkable strength dedicated to fiercely protecting their owners and doing other jobs, such as law enforcement and search and rescue.

Number 10 American Pit Bull Terrier Kicking off our list with an unprecedented ferocity is one of the most muscular dog breeds in the world: the American Pit Bull Terrier. This is a dog that’s endured a trying history.

Their strength, determination, and powerful muscles may be all for show nowadays, but these canines were once bred for bull baiting and vicious dog fights. Both these sports were eventually declared inhumane and outlawed, but the Pit Bull retains its bulky appearance to this day. The Pit Bull’s strength is now dedicated towards search & rescue and police protection.

And their determination and natural hard-working qualities make them champions when it comes to sports such as dock jumping and weight pulling. Number 9 Doberman Pinscher The mighty Doberman is arguably one of the most recognizable muscular dog breeds out there. If you don’t see them on TV, in movies, or dog shows, you’ll catch them working as dedicated police and military dogs. They’re one of the finest protection dog breeds out there. In addition to their lean, athletic builds, Dobermans possess a fierce intelligence and stubbornness that make them both mentally alert and highly responsive to training by its owner.

Your average Doberman stands an imposing 28 inches tall and weighs a hefty 99 pounds. But its intimidating physique can be pretty misleading. The Doberman is in fact a lot less fearsome and far more lovable than it most people think. That’s not to say that these noble canines can’t fight off an evil intruder though.

If properly trained, they’re some of the most devoted companions, protectors, and qualified watch dogs you’ll ever find. Number 8 Rottweilers Rottweilers can be traced back to Germany where they were used to serve as mighty guard dogs and to herd livestock, pull carts, and transport goods. Rottweilers were in fact known as “Rottweiler Metzgerhund,” which translates to “Rottweil butchers’ dogs.” Named after their duty, these massive dogs used to pull carts full of butchered meat to the market, until cars and railways replaced their job in the mid-19th century.

That said, herding stock is still on their resume these days. But for the most part, they’re used as protection dogs, guard dogs, police dogs, and as search and rescue dogs. They also make for loving and energetic family pets. But you’d best be prepared before adopting one of these mighty hounds.

If not properly trained, the stubborn Rottweiler can end up ‘owning’ its owner, as they have a tendency towards being dominant and assertive not only humans, but any other dog of similar size.



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