10 Times Crocodiles Messed With The Wrong Animal

Crocodiles have a fascinating but brutal way of killing their prey – starting with the infamous “death roll” – the terrifying spinning maneuver to subdue and dismember whatever they’re about to eat. It may seem barbaric, but crocodiles have to break down their prey into smaller, easily digestible chunks before feasting on them.

They’re vicious to almost all animals of the jungle – but on rare occasions, crocodiles have to retreat back to their lake after being defeated by their prey! Here are 10 times crocodiles messed with the Wrong animal and got absolutely owned. 10) [Crocodile makes a Big Enemy] Crocodile attacks on elephants are common when populations of elephants live near the river.

Even though elephants are mostly gentle giants, you don’t want to get on their bad side. They can get severely aggressive if they’re sick, injured or harassed. This crocodile should’ve known that! These elephants were chilling by the watering hole, and then out of nowhere a crocodile jumped out at them, clearly out for some blood.

Too bad the elephants teamed up together, and the croc was pushed back to his lake! [Crocodile gets Stomped] From the looks of it, it seems like elephants really don’t like crocodiles. This crocodile out here getting mercilessly stomped on by one, didn’t survive this attack. 9) [Crocodile vs Hippo] Hippos are much stronger than crocodiles, with a bite force of 1,800 PSI.

That means they can crush a crocodile with just one bite. Their skins are so thick that they’re literally bulletproof, too. So, when a hippo ends up in a duel with a crocodile – it’s not hard to guess the winner.

This one is just brutal, it’s one crocodile against dozens of hippos. We usually don’t root for crocodiles, but this one’s totally outnumbered, doesn’t stand a chance. [Hippos to the Rescue] This wildebeest was left for dead, it surely was a goner, but then these hippos stepped in and saved him from being turned into crocodile lunch.



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