10 Times Hyenas Took It To Their Enemies…

When you think of a predator, you might picture a callous Crocodile or a venomous Cobra. But rarely do you add a Hyena to that list. If you too thought all hyenas do is scavenge off other animals while laughing their tails off: guess again. Hyenas are actually some of the most savage and strategic killers out there! From attacking Rhinos (#9) to taking down Buffalos (#11) in teams, their intelligent hunting strategies give them an edge over far larger prey they’d normally not win against. But are they really skilled enough to take down an adult Hippo? (#1) Stick around to find out! Here are 10 Times Hyenas Took It To Their Enemies. 10) Hyenas tackle a buffalo, double its size Hyenas are misunderstood hunters, thought to rely only on the food gathered by other predators. However, they’re just as blood-hungry and ruthless when it comes to killing as a lion or a bear. They’re seen as merely wild dogs by most animals, which is why their strategy and aggression are often overlooked. Hyenas understand that power comes in numbers. So they often work in teams to bring down prey three times their size. This group of Hyenas rile up a buffalo from every angle. While half the group gets busy distracting the buffalo from up front, the others get to work on its tail and legs from behind.

They violently bite down on the Buffalo’s, with faces painted red! The Buffalo tries several times to escape but is circled back into a bloodbath. Talk about teamwork! 9) Hyenas Attack Lion at night Hyenas are famously known for feeding off lion leftovers, and not for their hunting talents. But the truth is, a Hyena’s bite force is determined at 1100 pounds per square inch, making their jaws almost twice as strong as those of a lion’s, and just as strong as a tiger’s! And when all alone, a single lion’s strength dulls in comparison to a group of Hyenas who haven’t eaten in days.

This lioness was lying peacefully at night, when a group of hungry Hyenas decided to rile it up and turn the cat into a midnight snack. They approach the lion as a large group, but then break off into smaller groups to divide the attack.

First, they start by circling their prey, and every time the lion stumbles, they go in for the kill! Bite after bite, the Hyenas feast on the live lion as it tries to regain control of the situation. With hyenas like that around, that’s another clear reason why Lions live in big groups…

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