10 Times Lions Messed With The Wrong Opponent…

As kings of the jungle, Lions are scared of no one. With their raw power, Lions maintain order in the animal kingdom by hunting and killing their prey.

But sometimes, other animals decide to turn on their king in an attempt to defend themselves. From a brave giraffe fighting off two lions [#7], to a dog chasing off wild cats [#12] and three buffaloes attacking their predator [#1] In this video, we’re taking a look at 12 times lions messed with the wrong opponent. 12)

Fearless Dog Scares Off Lions Being domestic animals, dogs usually don’t stand a chance against lions– especially not two of them at the same time. But, this dog right here decides to fearlessly fight back against these predators. As soon as the lions approach the dog, it starts jumping around, barking at the wild cats, taking them by surprise. Moving fast, the dog doesn’t let the lions so much as come near him, constantly lunging at them to threaten them.

After unexpectedly scaring the lions off, the dog finds an opening and runs away into the distance to live another day. 11) Lions Mess With the Wrong Crocodile Lions might be the king of the jungle, but things are a little different underwater. If there’s an animal that can prove to be a match for the deadly lion, it’s the crocodile.

With a bite that’s strong enough to take a lion’s head off, crocodiles have a pretty great defense mechanism against these predators. Which might be the reason why this crocodile right here isn’t afraid to take on lions that are trying to prey on the reptile. Despite a huge pride of lions being present at the scene, the crocodile manages to push away not one, but three lions, scaring them off in an instant…



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