10 Times Snakes Messed With The Wrong Animal…

Venomous snakes are one of the most feared animals in the jungle. They kill their prey magnificently – by injecting poison into their bodies that enters their circulatory system, and leaves them powerless within minutes! But sometimes snakes are a little too confident in their hunting abilities, and end up losing to an unexpected opponent. Today, we’re going to show you 10 Times Snakes Messed With The Wrong Opponent. 10) Snakes are no stranger to biting dogs: roughly 150,000 dogs and cats are bitten by venomous snakes each year in the US alone! The venom in the snake’s bite will affect a dog’s nervous system.

But sometimes, dogs fight back, And they might just end up whipping the snake around like a chew toy! Here, we see a snake poised and ready to jump at a dog, but the dog keeps it in check by growling and running around it. Eventually, the snake does go for the kill, but the dog makes a smart move and grabs it by the neck. It shakes it around as if it were a chew toy, and eventually has it defeated.

This next deadly cobra entered someone’s home and picked a battle with the wrong pair of dogs who were not easily intimidated. Just one bite from a Cobra and the dogs could die from heart and lungs paralysis. But they stood their ground and turned a deadly predator into prey. 9) Wild Bobcats are extremely territorial animals who often eat small prey, including snakes. Here, we see a bobcat and a rattlesnake go head to head.

One venomous bite and it could be over for the cat, but this experienced bobcat knows exactly what it’s doing. Everytime the snake attacks the cat just shuts it down and smacks its head to the ground, until eventually it grabs it by the neck, bites it to death, and walks off in victory.

This deadly python slithering towards a family of cats can’t possibly be upto any good. Snakes are actually pretty fast, and can move up to 12 miles an hour! Mother cats separate from their young around 8 weeks after their birth, but before that they will guard them with their life. The poor kittens are cornered, but their mother isn’t going to let anyone touch her babies, shows that snake who’s boss and fights her off…


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