10 Unusual Two Headed Animals

In this age of deep fakes, you would be forgiven for wondering whether you can believe what you see when it comes to reports about two-headed snakes and other animals. But this eye-catching developmental abnormality — known as bicephaly or dicephaly— is a phenomenon that has been around for at least 150 million years.

Even though it’s so old, the occurrence of two-headed animals is still pretty weird to us humans. From Pigs the rare baby Porpoise, let’s have a look at the ten most unusual two-headed animals found! Number 10.

Two-Headed Little Pigs A farmer in China was very proud of the fact that his sow gave birth to a litter of healthy piglets, but he was startled to see one of them, who was a bit different and special. If it isn’t obvious enough why this piglet was special, let us tell you that he was born with two heads.

To be more specific, he didn’t have two heads, rather two faces conjoined in one head. It had two mouths, two snouts, and three eyes. Quite predictably, it became a local celebrity in that small town in China.

The farmer named Zhang Liu Yan said that he fed all his animal ragweed, and the sow was no exception to it. Although he was offered an equivalent of 300 dollars for the piglet, the farmer refused to sell it.

Apparently, the farmer’s son fell in love with the pig and wanted to keep it as a prized pet. Number 9. Bearded Dragon Todd Ray, a former music producer, is the owner of the largest collection of two-headed animals according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Among the 22 pairs of heads, there is one for a bearded dragon.

Since they’re two heads, T-Ray has given each a different name; Pancho and Lefty. And according to the animal collector, each of these two heads has its own preferences when it comes to eating.

Pancho is carnivorous as he loves munching on crickets, while Lefty is vegetarian, eating only greens. Normally, bearded dragons feed on both insects and vegetation. Their strong jaws are just the required weapons to deal with all insects they come across – even the hard-shelled ones such as beetles.

So, if T-Ray’s claims are anything to go by, it looks like the two heads of his bearded dragon are representations of the feeding habits of these reptiles.

So each head takes care of the different dietary needs. This means it’s possible that the heads share other parts of the body. Besides Pancho and Lefty, Todd Ray has another two-headed bearded dragon called Jeckyl and Hyde. He acquired this second reptile when it was just two months old. Number 8. Snakes Two-headed snakes aren’t unheard of.

In Florida, a snake breeder got a two-for-one deal when his pet boa constrictor gave birth to a snake with two distinct heads. The two heads emerge from a shared body. Each head lurks in their environment, flicking their tongues and happy to be alive.

The snakes were brought in to Celebrity Vet Dr. Susan Keller, who owns an animal care practice in Florida. Her vet partner Dr. Lauren Thielen x-rayed the two-headed snake, and in the process, she uncovered some incredible twists.

The snake appeared to have two hearts! This is rare in most two-headed animals. They did an ultrasound and listened to the two synched heartbeats that blew their minds!

The same snake is even more incredible as it may have two digestive tract systems! If this is so, proper nutrition will be vital in ensuring survival. Boa constrictors don’t lay eggs; they give birth. The two-headed boa constrictors developed from an embryo that began splitting to form twins but stopped all of a sudden.

Let’s all celebrate the incredible conjoined birth! Number 7. Lamb A newborn lamb in Khan Yunis, Palestine, came out two-headed. Everyone was astounded, and it took the owner by surprise! The lamb is seen learning to walk but only managing to walk in circles. The shepherds in the farm take turns feeding both heads of the lamb and supporting its head! The mother sheep and the rest of the flock are accepting of the newborn two-headed lamb. What an Incredible Creature!

Sheep farmers in Palestine believe that animals realize myths that are held in the Middle East. These myths say that birth is God’s will.

Still, in Palestine, there’s another farmer who vividly remembers the birth of his incredible two-headed lamb. He says in an interview that his sheep gave birth to twins.

The first one was a normal lamb. The second one came out with the legs first and as the head came out, he saw two heads. The two-headed lamb had difficulties standing up on its own.


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