11 New Bike Inventions You Must See – Amazing Vehicles

A list of cool new bike inventions that are going to make you rethink what a bike can be. In this video, you are going to see amazing vehicles which are the products of inventors trying to reinvent the bike.

Qooder Qooder is a 399cc 4 wheels motorcycle with the freedom and agility of a two-wheeler and the ease and safety of a car. With its innovative patented Hydraulic Tilting System – HTS, the Qooder has a perfect response to all riding conditions. Priced at USD 24,000 the Qooda can cruise up to 90kmh and cover about 250km on its 14-liter tank. CanguRo CanguRo is both a bike and an intelligent autonomous robot.

This 3 wheels 64kg autonomous bike doesn’t use a display to let the rider know the speed, but instead, it generates pulses like heartbeats, transmitted to the rider through the seat. Though this amazing vehicle looks production-ready, you may never find it on sale as it’s just a research project.

Wazuma V8M Wazuma V8M is a tailor-made 4 wheels motorbike powered by a 4.7L, 460hp Italian V8 engine Approved by the French regulation authorities, this powerful machine is produced in a limited series of only ten numbered copies priced at USD 237,000.

Bio‑Hybrid Bio‑Hybrid, is a strong, convenient, and fit for everyday use, this lightweight electric vehicle combines the freedom and agility of a bicycle and weather protection of a small car. This awesome bike comes in two versions, Passenger and Cargo – both with a top speed of 25 km/h.

Triggo Triggo is something between a motorbike and a car. Like a car, Triggo is equipped with four wheels, an enclosed cabin, a steering wheel, A/C, backrest seats with seatbelts, and even an airbag. Like a motorbike, Triggo is capable of leaning while cornering, so the driver feels like he/she is on a motorbike.

Hydrofoiler XE-1 Hydrofoiler XE-1 is the world’s first hydrofoil e-bike to ride on the water. With its high maneuverability, this rugged, compact and lightweight water bike provides a workout similar to that of a road or mountain bike.

With its 460-watt electric motor and a battery charge up to one hour of total ride time, the bike can start hydroplaning in open water from a full stop within fifteen pedal strokes. Biski Bisk is a motorcycle and jet ski hybrid powered by 55hp twin-cylinder engine. It can reach an impressive 129km/h on land and 60km/h on water. With just a push of a button, the Biski converts itself into a jet-ski powered by jet propulsion system at the back in just 5 seconds.

Biski is created by a New Zealand-based company Gibbs Amphibians, which specializes in amphibious vehicles that can reach high speeds on both land and water alike. Carqon Introducing Carqon, an award-winning stylish electric cargo bike that you can cycle smoothly and quickly through daily traffic.

Uniting technology, functionality and craftsmanship, Carqon was able to win several international design awards. Equipped with a special child door, its strong box can accommodate two children plus a baby.

Carqon is powered by Bosch motor and it can go up to 25 km/h. Stroke Cargo Trike This is Stroke, an electric cargo trike designed by a Japanese company, Envision.

With its large cargo area in the middle of the bike surrounded by the frame, the Stroke Trike becomes more stable as the cargo weight increases, unlike many other cargo bikes whose storage baskets are attached at the front or rear.

Scorpion Hoverbike Scorpion Hoverbike is a flying bike. Although it looks horribly dangerous with its exposed propellers spinning close to the rider, this Russian built motorcycle-styled hoverbike has already been sold to the Dubai Police force and it is also available for pre-orders to anyone at $150,000. Powered by hybrid lithium-manganese-nickel battery, this unusual bike has a flight time of between 10 and 25 minutes depending on the weather and the weight of the pilot.

It has a maximum speed of to 96 km/h and it can safely fly up to 5 meters. Lazareth LMV 496 The Lazareth LMV 496, the world’s first operational prototype flying motorcycle.

While on the road, this crazy vehicle is powered by an electric motor capable of providing a range of 100km. Each of its four wheels acts as 96,000-rpm JetCat jet turbines. Only five prototypes of this bike were initially built and they are on sale, with 500,000 USD price tag.


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