12 Animals That Survived The Impossible…

Living out in the wild, animals are met with all kinds of threats to their lives and even their children. And while some animals have no choice but to fall prey to these natural dangers, some fight the odds and come out stronger on the other side.

From a brave dog taking down a leopard (#7) to a turtle born with two heads (#4), and even a moose that survives a deadly car crash with barely a scratch (#8), here are 12 animals that survived the impossible. 12) Daredevil Raccoon Survives a Leap of Faith Raccoons are survivors. Known to be some of the most clever mammals in the animal kingdom, and can do just about anything if they put their mind to it.

This raccoon defies all the laws of physics and nature when he finds himself trapped as he scales a huge building. After reaching the 9th floor, the raccoon suddenly starts falling down, unable to hold his grip. The little critter comes crashing onto the ground but he manages to survive the fall and makes a quick exit, leaving everyone shocked. Talk about surviving the impossible. 11) Clever Impala Tricks Predators Hyenas and Cheetahs are natural predators of the weaker Impala.

Despite their speed, Impalas are no match when it comes to these wild cats. But this clever impala decided to turn its weakness into its strength and started playing dead as soon as it realized that a Cheetah and a Hyena were on its tail.

And because these wild cats aren’t scavengers, they decided to leave what looked to be the animal’s ‘corpse’ all alone, giving the Impala enough room for it to run to freedom right in front of its predator’s eyes, leaving the wild cats confused and shocked when they realized they’d been outsmarted by their prey…

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