12 Deadliest Marine Animal Battles Caught On Camera…

Life at the bottom of the sea can get pretty tough. With scarce food and resources, the struggle to survive becomes all the more difficult for marine animals as compared to animals living on the land – which is why tensions between them usually run as high as ever.

From Eels fighting each other [#2] to two alligators turning on each other in front of their family [#4], let’s take a look at 12 of the scariest marine animal battles caught on camera. 12) Sharks are some of the scariest and strongest creatures that dwell in the depth of the ocean. Known as the largest primary predatory fish, the Great White Shark itself has no known predator in nature.

Being top predators, they will attack just about any creature – even other sharks! This shark right here is an aggressive Great White biting at a large chunk of tuna attached to a rope. But, in the span of seconds, the shark starts lunging at a cage right in front of the rope. A single diver is trapped inside the cage all alone, trying to fend off this marine monster. The shark then manages to break the metal rail of the cage and enters inside. The fish splashes around the cage for a few seconds before jumping out and swimming away.

The diver is able to save himself from the shark’s fit of rage by swimming out of its way, waiting for it to thrash away before coming up to the surface – safe and sound. 11) Lobsters and crabs are as close to mortal enemies as it gets inside the ocean. This is why young lobsters tend to hide away in crevices and nooks until they are old enough to fend off any predator crabs. Here, you see these two fight over the body of a bluefish, slowly picking away at it and deciding who gets to devour the carcass as their dinner. The two keep going back and forth with each other, neither one of them refusing to give up in any case.

However, in the end, the lobster wins this battle by calling for backup and as soon as a swarm of lobsters gathers on the site, they push the crab away and the critter simply fades away into the background, letting the lobsters have this one…


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