12 Insane Animal Battles With BIG Snakes…

12 Insane Animal Battles With BIG Snakes With powerful jaws, lethal venom, and the skill to lurk in the shadows, waiting for the right minute to strike; no other reptile comes close to the snake–especially the big ones! From a huge Python going on a deer hunt, to an Anaconda taking on a full-sized cow, here are 12 insane animal battles involving big snakes! 12) Python Traps Deer Pythons can grow up to a size of around 6 meters and become strong enough to crush even the largest of animals within minutes.

While drinking water from a stream along with its pack, this deer was taken by surprise when all of a sudden, a giant python leaped out of the water and grabbed it with a swift move, wrapping its strong body around the deer. The poor deer was quickly abandoned by its pack, all of whom ran to save themselves from the reptile’s wrath.

The deer then had no chance to escape and was ultimately killed and eaten up by the big snake. 11) Mongoose Scares Cobra away Because of their tiny size, mongooses are often regarded as tame and weak animals. But for all that they lack in terms of physical strength, they make up for with their intelligence. This little mongoose right here finds itself face-to-face with a giant King Cobra.

In most cases, this would be it for an animal that’s much smaller than the reptile. But this brave little mongoose used its strong reflexes to defend itself every time the snake tried to bite it. Not just that, but the mongoose also slowly lured the snake out into the open so that it’s not cornered anymore and has more space to run. The brave mongoose finally tired the cobra out and the snake quickly turned around and slithered away in the opposite direction, leaving the mongoose free to see another day…


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