12 Most Merciless Lion Attacks Ever Filmed…

Whether it’s a rat or a rhino, the animal world is built upon constant violence and fights, to keep things in order ironically. When two of the same animals fight each other, the fight gets extra interesting as the outcome becomes more unpredictable, like how a pair of kangaroos fight each other (#6) .

Sometimes, the battle is between two equally strong creatures like a buffalo and a rhino (#4), and it gets vicious faster than you can imagine. However, the most interesting ones are the ones with tiny animals, like a crow and a rat (#1). For that, you’ll have to watch till the end to find out!

Here are the 12 Most Merciless Animal Battles Ever Filmed! 12) Archer fish uses superpower to kill insects Hunting in the water is a lot different than it is on land. However, the archer fish has a lot of advantage in this area. The sly fish has the ability to shoot water out of their mouths at the speed of two meters per second, which is enough to knock down any dangling insects that it can later devour. Other than that, their water streams can reach upto 5 feet, just high enough for the fish to cover it’s hunting radius.

In this case, the archer fish is determined to dine on a miniature ant. 11) Mongoose and cobra come neck to neck Snakes have an undeniable upper hand during any fight. However, not the same can be said when a mongoose is involved. These animals have a tolerance to snake venom, which gives them the confidence to stand up to them and fight back fearlessly. The mongoose heere even fluffs its tail out to appear bigger and more intimidating!…

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