12 Times Hyenas Messed With The Wrong Animals

Hyenas have a knack for not minding their own business. Whether they’re welcome or not is unimportant to them. They just like crashing parties. Sometimes, however, they crash the wrong parties, and they get a piece of their own medicine. If you want to see hyenas in compromising circumstances, you’re at the right place as we countdown 12 times hyenas messed with the wrong animals.

It turns out that the violent conflict between hyenas and lions over carrion stretches back to 37,000 years ago. The animosity between lions and spotted hyenas goes deep, and it is one of nature’s most well-known rivalries and probably the most ferocious rivalry in the African Savannah, with both species having an incomprehensible loathing for one other. One thing Hyenas don’t want to do is crash a party full of male lions and that’s exactly what they do in this video, and you can see what happens as this male lion is in pursuit of this hyena with another lioness running by his side. It doesn’t look good for the scavenger. The female lays one paw on the hyena, but it’s not enough. However, the big male catches up to the hyena and it is game over in seconds for the lion’s fiercest enemy. Whether they are young or old, lions will kill every hyena insight. That’s how much they hate them, so when hyenas go around looking for trouble, they better make sure their clan is high in numbers, and not isolated where lions can strike at any time. These two massive lions find a small hyena that has been left behind by the clan. The lions are just walking right behind the hyena without striking it, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before they do. The hyena tries to escape with its tail between its legs, but that isn’t going to change the lion’s mind. I guess the lions are just toying with the hyena because it is quite young. When they’re standing there, they almost look like they’re all friends. This hyena is praying for the lions to forget about it, but it doesn’t look like they will. However, the rest of the clan approaches, so this could change the odds for the lone hyena. Believe it or not, the hyena manages to get back to the clan and the lions don’t even bother chasing it. That’s what I call the luckiest hyena in the world. During this night footage, this male lion attacks the matriarch of the clan and mangles it badly. The matriarch tries its best to defend itself, but the male lion is too powerful. The matriarch’s back is broken, and it won’t survive this ordeal with a broken back. The lion leaves the matriarch there and chases the other hyenas because, on this night, the lion is not looking for food, it’s looking to kill whatever is in its path. Wild Dogs If there’s enough food to go around, wild dogs and hyenas can get along fine, but a scarcity of prey can force them both out of their protected areas. The bottom line though is everyone’s deadliest enemy is the hyena, and this includes wild dogs. There is a lot of discussions but not much action when wild dogs and hyenas meet. That’s because neither of them wants to be the one to make the initial move. The hyenas chatter and giggle, while the wild dogs watch and think. This clip is a bit depressing. This hyena appears to have succumbed to these wild dogs, as it rests on the ground, seemingly unresponsive to the dogs’ pinches and bites. It’s rare to see a hyena in so much trouble unless it is attacked by a male lion, but this hyena is in big trouble and it’s time to bring in a priest to give it its last rites. These events happen daily, so life in the savannah is not all fun and games. These two hyenas are surrounded by a bunch of wild dogs and a small scuffle ensues. Both the dogs and the hyenas voice their opinions. The hyenas crack a joke or two and the dogs serenade them a little. After a little complaining from both sides, the animals disperse into the forest. In this video, about thirty or forty dogs maul this hyena to death. I guess these are hunting dogs that are let loose by their handlers. I don’t understand why people would hunt hyenas, but I guess they do it for a reason, whether it’s money or body parts to sell for money.


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