12 Times Predators Targeted Newborns


12 Times Predators Targeted Newborns…

Predators usually go for someone their own size. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll pass up the opportunity of an easy target. Hyneas go for buffalo calves and lion cubs a lot of the time since they’re easy to chase down. Sometimes, cheetahs will take down impala claves that have just been born. But the most horrendous type of attack is when hippos eat their own young! Here are 12 Times Predators Targeted Newborns! 12) Hyena eats newborn buffalo Hyenas might get a bad image for stealing others’ food, but they’re very good at hunting too. Usually, these beasts are opportunistic hunters and even eat dead animals that they can find. However, they’re smart enough to adapt specific hunting strategies according to their habitat.

Here, a hyena went in for an easy target, which was a newborn buffalo calf that was too young to run or even defend. Usually, animals this young are found with their mothers only, but this one could’ve been abandoned judging by how it was left all alone in a huge field. The hyena didn’t even have to chase the prey.

It simply went up to it and started attacking its back, biting big chunks out of the poor baby. 11) Lion gets newborn zebra Lions have a very specific way of hunting. Lionesses usually take the lead, and male lions accompany them alongside.

First, they stalk their prey until they’re close enough to attack directly by pouncing on it, knocking the prey over. Here, a nearby lion didn’t even need to stall their prey as it was too weak to fight back. Even though the zebra calf was with its mother, when the lion approached, it didn’t come to its baby’s defense as it was a lost cause already. The lion simply picked it up by the neck and took it away…

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