15 Discoveries Found By Complete Accident

Throughout history, a few humans have been fortunate enough to discover things that will forever remain in our history books.

But these discoveries are not always made deliberately; sometimes, people end up stumbling upon a treasure worth millions or creating something amazing in the lab by complete accident.

Today, we are looking at 15 of the most significant discoveries found by complete accident! Let’s begin: Number 15. Penicillin We all know how important the discovery of Penicillin was to the medical world, but did you know it was discovered by accident? Alexander Fleming was on vacation from his regular work at the lab but returned two weeks later to find something spectacular. He found an unknown mold on a culture that he left in the lab. He wanted to throw it away but noticed that it killed all the surrounding bacteria in the culture.

It was a source of concern to him, and after investigations, he realized that he had just found a breakthrough that would change modern medicine forever. Fleming discovered that something in the mold stopped the growth of bacteria. It wasn’t until 1935 that two researchers were able to separate penicillin from the mold. Number 14. Shipwreck full of gold What are the chances of finding a shipwreck in the middle of a desert? Now imagine the chance of finding a shipwreck full of gold in the middle of a desert? Not much, right? well, it really happened in Namibia.

Diamond miners recently discovered a ship that went down 500 years ago after draining a man-made saltwater lake on Namibia’s coast. It was loaded with $13 million worth of gold coins. The miners first found strange pieces of wood and metal on the beach, and then later discovered the shipwreck buried under the sand.

On the sixth day, the miners found the treasure chest full of gold. The Bom Jesus was a Portuguese ship that went missing 500 years ago while en route to India. Number 13. The Derinkuyu Underground City The Derinkuyu was an ancient underground city that was hand-carved out of volcanic ash in the Cappadocia area in Turkey. It has enough space to house 20,000 people, with supplies and livestock. Amazingly enough, though, the city wasn’t discovered until 1963 and its discovery was a complete accident. The city was discovered by a man when he knocked down a wall in his house during a home renovation.

The knocked-down wall led to a passageway which further led to a network of stone tunnels and chambers. Experts were brought in and the entirety of the city was discovered.

No one exactly knows who built the city or when exactly it was built, but the extensiveness of the city with meeting halls, shops, freshwater stables, and heavy stone doors are extremely amazing due to which it has become a must-visit tourist attraction.

Number 12. Tipu sultan’s treasure Wrapped in a newspaper and forgotten in the corner of a dusty attic in a townhouse in the English county of Berkshire, a couple discovered a hoard of highly valuable gold-encrusted swords and guns from the legendary pillaged armory of Tipu Sultan. The collection of unique and valuable artifacts discovered in the Berkshire attic was originally stolen from Tipu Sultan’s palace and brought back to England by Major Thomas Hart of the East India Company.

The artifacts “were passed down through his family and now belong to a couple who have kept them wrapped in newspaper in their dusty attic. This 220-year-old treasure was worth millions when it was auctioned. Number 11. The Dead Sea Scrolls The Dead Sea Scrolls are extremely famous artifacts that contain some of the earliest pieces of the Bible that had ever been discovered. They were discovered by a group of teenagers who were tending their herd of goats close to the city of Jericho. Apparently, they lost one of their goats and when they went to find it, one of the boys threw a rock in a nearby cave. The rock sounded like it broke a clay pot.

They went inside the cave where they found a few jars that had a collection of ancient scrolls.

They did not know what the scrolls were so they sold them to an antiquity dealer in Bethelem for a mere $50. Eventually, scholars confirmed both the date and the importance of the manuscripts.

The poor guys only got 50 for the priceless discovery! Number 10. Coca Cola The inventor of Coca-Cola wasn’t a shrewd businessman, a seller of sweets, or a dreamer looking to strike it rich in the beverage business.

John Pemberton just wanted to cure headaches. A pharmacist by profession, Pemberton used two main ingredients in his hopeful headache cure: coca leaves and cola nuts. When his lab assistant accidentally mixed the two with carbonated water.


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