15 Drastically Unbelievable Moments Of A Predator Hunting

Predators are always on the warpath because they need to survive.

Just like humans go to work every day to earn a living so they can eat, predators hunt every day so they can do the same. Have you ever seen a lynx hunt? What about a mongoose?

If you want to see moments of high intensity, keep watching as we count down 15 drastically unbelievable moments of predators hunting.

Wolves are considered pests by many farmers because they attack their flocks. In this video, two wolves come looking for dinner when they target a flock of sheep.

They jump inside the enclosure and manage to assault one of the sheep. I’m surprised the farmer doesn’t own a few dogs to deter the wolves from approaching.

This pack of wolves tries to get at this bison calf, but its mother is doing a great job of fending them off. The wolves are tenacious, but so is mama bison. In this video, a wolf kills a calf separated from its mother and when the mother finally finds her calf, it’s too late.

It is a sad moment just watching the mother mourn for her offspring. Finally, these white wolves torment this bear, but the bear is resilient and will not back down until the wolves give up. It’s not three wolves that will scare a bear away from a fight.

Praying Mantis Vs Centipede As we have seen in previous videos, the praying mantis is a voracious predator, and this first video is no different.

Watch how the mantis strikes a large centipede and although at first, it looks like the centipede has the upper hand on the mantis, it doesn’t take much time before the killer insect lobotomizes the centipede.

A much smaller centipede is placed inside this aquarium with a praying mantis and the mantis makes “chop suey” out of the many-legged insect. It’s time for a better challenge! There aren’t many insects capable of inflicting major damage on the praying mantis. It always seems as if the mantis overruns all the others. Even this snake can’t seem to find a weakness and it is gobbled up just like the rest of them.

Finally, this lizard thinks it just spotted a hearty meal when it’s about to stick out its tongue to get a taste of this mantis, but it has another thing coming when the mantis jumps on its face and begins tearing it apart. What a friendly creature the praying mantis is.


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