15 Surprising Uses For Bananas and Banana Peels…

You might find these surprising uses for bananas and diy banana peel uses you didn’t know until now, quite useful actually! Bananas are an awesome fruit.

They make a super tasty, portable snack. They also come with very high nutritional values, including vitamin A, vitamin C, many of the vitamin B family, potassium and three natural sugars.

Sucrose, fructose and glucose. But if you thought nutrition is where the role of the banana ends, think again! Watch this video and learn some unusual uses for bananas as well as banana remedies that you may have never thought of before!

While not always scientific, many people will attest to the validity of these banana life hacks from polishing shoes with a banana skin, to whiten teeth with a banana peel.

You can also get rid of bruises, remove warts, or quit smoking. And, if you want to learn some interesting banana beauty tricks, you’ll love these banana beauty tips on how to exfoliate dry skin on face at home, or make a banana remedy for hemorrhoids!

You will also love our secret banana hangover smoothie recipe, and your pet will love YOU even more if you give them some delicious banana dog treats!



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