16″ Apple MacBook Pro Review.

Reviews the 16” MacBook Pro, released Nov. 2019. Apple has improved their top of the line Mac laptop by listening to its customers: the Butterfly keyboard is replaced with the Magic Keyboard, cooling is improved, storage is doubled and you get it with up to 64GB RAM. The bigger, higher resolution display has smaller bezels, so the footprint isn’t much larger than the 15” MacBook Pro it replaces. Battery capacity is even higher at 100 WHr, there’s a physical escape key and significantly more powerful AMD Radeon Pro 5300M and 5500M graphics. The laptop ships with macOS Catalina and is available with Intel 9th gen, 45 watt 6-core i7 and 8-core i9 processors. Pricing remains the same as it was for the 15” models.


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