86FB is making Nigerians Rich – Thank God for this new idea approved by Federal Government to end poverty


You can start making money as soon as today on the 86FB betting platform.

86FB is a football trading platform not normal betting site like others that makes you lose money, in 86fb it’s all about gain, 86fb is duly registered with CAC as ”86 FOOTBALL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED” with registration number: 1891287

This platform gives everyone the opportunity to place a correct bet in reverse position without losing your money you use in betting. What that simply means is that, let’s say you place a bet at 3-0 and it didn’t happen, that’s a win for you, but if the game ends 3-0 only then you will loose.

But wait let me sweeten the deal for you now, and this is reason why am sharing you this information now. You don’t have to do trial by error with your money as others do. Money is not so easy to come by these days only to waste it on useless trials by error and you hear things like ”only one cut am”, you don’t have to do that any more.

On the 86FB Trading platform, the team releases 2 games daily and I mean guaranteed winning games. Every time you play the recommended games from the team you win 96% of the times, isn’t that amazing, but wait let me finish, if you play the recommended game and loose, the company simply refund the amount used in playing that game, so you only loose the profit you’re supposed to make on that bet, but in reality your capital remains intact.

Wow isn’t that what everyone wants, to be able to secure their capital while betting?

86FB secures your capital while making you daily profits.

It’s an awesome platform I highly recommend you check them out if you find Football betting interesting and would love to make money from betting this year.

Click this link and register for free and I will show you how to make money on this without losing your capital Join WhatsApp Group to discuss with other community members.. You can withdraw your capital and start using your profit.

Everyone should understand clearly that our IFC team belongs to the investment and financial management model.

The team provides 3 game plans every day to lead everyone to maintain a stable profit of 3% of the total capital. Investment compound interest investment for one month or two months plus agent rebate deduction is also a share Very good income. You can calculate it, please don’t complain about the low profits, no industry can get rich overnight, and those who can get rich overnight are all scams.

The team’s purely investment and financial management model is not gambling. Gambling is high-profit and high-risk. There is no need for the team to take everyone to take this risk and damage the team’s reputation. You have seen the loss caused by the game plan last month. The game plan provided by the team resulted in all losses to be compensated, and the team assures everyone that the reputation will last forever. After you join the team, you don’t have to wonder about these all day long. You can follow the team to make money with peace of mind and remember to pay attention to the group to place the game every day. Join WhatsApp Group to discuss with other community members.

Go and register here now for free then fund your account and start making profit with it.

And we are into a Football platform that fetch you money daily

But if you are yet to register click here now and fund your account with any amount starting from #3,500. 100% win ING is guaranteed, NO losing of capital, if you lose game that money you use in beting it will be returened to your withdrawal balace without profit, but if you win your capital will retune with profit. Join WhatsApp Group to discuss with other community members.

For the new members that want to register on 86FB join here:

I have a platform that gives opportunity for us to place a correct score at the opposite position. In the sense that when you stake a game to play 3-2 and the the result is not 3-2 then you WON✅ but when they played 3-2 you get your money back to your wallet.

The team has two match plans every day. The first match plans to release the group at 11:00 a.m. and the second match plans to release the group at 17:00 p.m. during this period, you should pay attention to the group release plan and purchase the match on time.

On this platform, the minimum recharge is #3,500 and you earn on a daily bases but the outcome is very low. The higher your balance the higher your daily income.

But for those that have big money I mean the high stakers that want to avoid loss I swear this is a great opportunity for you.

You can only lose when you stake game on your own and they play the correct score you chose.

There are other benefits attached to this but I won’t say it now untill I see someone here giving testimony.


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