COOL PHONE HACKS Here are phone hacks that will make your life so much easier! Did you realize that the battery is a weak point on every smartphone, the batteries much like people are susceptible to stresses.

To ensure your battery stays charged for a long time, you need to change your habits: – Don’t leave your smartphone plugged in when the battery’s full.

This will increase the strain on the battery and lead to its deterioration. – Don’t try to charge your battery until it’s completely full.

The high voltage will wear it out. – It’s better to charge your phone in several short sessions than in one go! – Don’t leave your phone in the sun! I love phone hacks! They’re so easy and fun! So, here is the number of hacks you may need to use on any given day!

We’re all kind of addicted to our smartphones, so we might as well use it for our own benefit! Here we go! : ) I bet this problem is the most common one! Have you ever noticed those nasty foggy stains and fingerprints on your phone screen? I have.


Here’s what I’ve come up with – I simply took and eraser and started cleaning it carefully. Worked as charm!

There are tons of different useful hacks in your smartphone’s settings you may have had no idea about, such as headphones remote shutter, water drop macro lens, white sheet reflector, pantyhose portrait softener, sunglasses filter, underwater housing, flashlight diffuser, racing game gadget.

I’m gonna show you how to make incredibly stylish and handy phone cases as well! You can use old ties, plain or color-changing nail polish, feathers, glue gun, bathroom hooks, watch band and even baking mold!By the way, you can make and watch optical illusions yourself, that is hologram on your smartphone! Have fun, my friends!

This time I’m gonna share with you these awesome Budget Photo hacks and crafts! You’re about to discover the best poses and face angles for photo session and ways to create natural filters!

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