Preparing all the Easter treats for this holiday isn’t very easy.

And with the holiday just around the corner, we might need to rush.

But in this video, I show you some cool Easter DIY’s and treats you can try in no time.

You can dye your eggs using wine. Simply attach a piece of flower or pedals to them and then place them in some clean tights.

Then soak them in some wine or food coloring, and voila.

Beautiful stenciled eggs in just a few minutes. Another great idea is to attach a piece of tissue paper on some hardboiled eggs and then soak them in water and different shades of food coloring. Let them sit there for a few minutes and you’re all set.

You can also boil some dandelions to dye your eggs yellow, or you can boil some mint to give them a forest green color.

Watch until the end to see how to use onion peels to give your eggs a bold red shade.


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