A lot of phone cases and most of them are very expensive but look boring. Check out a collection of incredible crafting ideas that you can easily make by your hands. You don’t even need to have special skills to create cool phone cases that look very stylish. Besides, you can make amazing gifts for your friends! Handmade phone cases are the perfect way to express your creativity. In this video, you will find a lot of tutorials on how to make an awesome phone case that looks incredible!
You can make a cool gift for girls – phone case with eyeshadows. It’s a very funny idea and a useful thing that when you need to fix your makeup during a date or party. Watch our easy tutorial! Turn your boring phone case into this cool thermal case in just three easy steps. Take a clear phone case and cover it with white paint. Next, you will need color-changing or thermal nail polish for the next layer. Make sure to let it dry completely. One more cool idea is to use a fluid painting technique to create a cool print on a phone case. You will need nail polish (2-3 colors) and a hairdryer. My favorite idea is to make a colorful phone case with emojis. This phone case looks very cute! The easiest idea is to make a phone case using glue and glitter. Also, you can use spray paint and sticky tape to create various designs.




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