iPhone 13 – Everything To Expect

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s is just about a month away from being revealed. This year we expect iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In this video I go over all the expected features, changes, upgrades and what to expect with the 2021 iPhone 13 lineup.

iPhone 13 is already in production as we expect it to launch in about a month to a month and a half  or so and so i wanted to talk about everything to expect so far since it’s already in production.
We have these models or sometimes referred to as dummy units that represent what the overall look  will be now i’ve shown these off in other videos and talked about some of what to expect but now  we have a better picture of what we should be expecting with this next iPhone.
And like i said  it’s already in production and since they need to get millions ready up to 100 million according  to some orders it looks like we’re going to have a lot of these available now the first thing is  there will be similar models to what we have with the iPhone 12.
So we have the iPhone 12 12 mini 12  pro and iPhone 12 pro max that’s expected to be the same this year where we’ll have an iphone  12 mini an iphone 12 as well as an iphone 12 pro and an iphone 12 pro max so we’re expecting  the same sort of lineup where it said that they won’t have the mini in the following year so with  2022 iphones iphone 14 we may not have a mini now some people are still saying it may not even be  called iphone 13 it could be called an iphone 12s.
I tend to think it will be 13 but we’ll have  to wait and see now the overall design will be similar other than what you can see here with  the camera being at a diagonal we’ll talk more about that in a moment but we expect aluminum and stainless steel similar to what we have now as well as a very similar layout last year with the iPhone 12 series was the major upgrade where we got a redesign to the squared off edges.
Now we have that design we’ll have that for a while instead of the rounded edges and again glass  front and back so we don’t expect that to change too much as far as that goes however we do expect  improved 5G this year so with the iPhone 13 they offered millimeter wave in the united states and  some other countries it’s said to expand to more countries this year where you’ll have millimeter  wave with an improved 5G antenna from qualcomm so we expect even better 5G than we have with  the iPhone 12 series phones but in the iPhone 13.
Along with that we also expect even better wi-fi  with wi-fi 6e being added with the new standard so we’ll have faster speeds available and the 6  gigahertz band which allows for less congestion and generally faster connections overall that’s  the same as what happened with the five gigahertz
band we had introduced years ago so we expect  that now the big news is two different things
the first thing is the display you can see here  at the top the display is a little bit different
on the top now of course we’re not seeing a notch  here and it’s expected that the notch is going to
shrink horizontally so based on some leaks as you  can see here it looks like the notch is going to
get horizontally shrunk and they’ve also moved  where the camera module is so it looks like the
speaker will move to the top the camera will be  there and you can’t see the notch size but we
expect it to be shrunk horizontally this is great  news for a lot of people as i know it bothers
quite a few people it’s never really bothered me  and it’s easy to differentiate between an iphone
and something else at this point but it’s never  been a problem for me but i know a lot of people
really don’t like the notch so to see it get a  little bit smaller seems to be better again the
camera isn’t said to improve much in the front but  the speaker will move as well so we expect that
also we expect this to be a 120 hertz display with  pro motion on the pro models so if you’ve never
seen that it’s on the ipad pro it’s just super  smooth when scrolling so it’s hard to convey in
a video or hard to see you have to see it in pers  in person but as you scroll maybe you’re scrolling
through your app library it’s just incredibly  smooth and it can ramp up that speed up to 120
hertz and then back down now with that technology  by being able to ramp it down to one hertz like
you can with the apple watch you can have an  always-on display that uses very little power
and that’s what’s expected for the iphone 13.  you’ll see my apple watch has sort of gone into
a sleep where it’s not being moved and if you pick  up your wrist it comes back to life and speeds
up the actual hertz refresh rate that’s expected  on at least the pro displays on the iphone which
would give us an always on display so the always  on display would use very little power and maybe
give us information like we have on android so you  can see this is an always on display on a pixel 5
and it just keeps it always on turn that off  but you’ll see with the always on display it
just gives the weather information and the clock  so it’d be great to have that on an iphone as well
with their style overall represented now another  area we expect to see changed is the camera every
year apple improves the camera now this is one  area where they don’t represent it as well as
the rest of the device overall and while we’ll  probably get a diagonal layout like we have here
you can expect the lenses to look a little bit  different similar to what we have on the iphone
12 pro and those models where the lens will look  different but this gives us an idea of the overall
camera bump it’s said to be less protruding out  of the back so it won’t be as thick overall but it
will be a larger camera bump so that they can fit  in different sensors and we’re also said to get
sensor shift stabilization across the iphone 13  lineup this time and what that means is instead of
having the lens on a float which makes the overall  sensor or camera module larger you instead have
the sensor itself on a float that’s magnetically  floated so that it can help stabilize the image
we already have that in the 12 pro max  and it’s said to trickle down to the
other models of the iphone 13. that would  be great as it has improved stabilization
and it also should have improved sensors from the  12 pro max however the sensors are not said to
change too dramatically now with the iphone 13 pro  and pro max it said that the camera bump will get
much larger so it won’t be as thick but it’s said  to be much larger overall to accommodate for all
of the sensor shift stabilization and improved  lenses as well as an improved ultrawide camera
the ultra wide is said to be getting the  largest improvement with significant changes
maybe upgraded lenses and better autofocus  or auto focus in general also it said that
we could have portrait video we already have a  portrait video mode in ios 15 with facetime so
it makes sense that they could do that for video  on the next iphones as well using the processor to
sort of push that along so all of those should  be coming along with an astrophotography focus
according to max weinbeck so he’s saying there  should be astrophotography in the next iphones
where it’ll improve night mode even further so  it’s pretty good now it could get a huge bump
with iphone 13 but we’ll have to wait and see now  internally we’re expecting to get an a15 cpu every
year they update it by one number so that makes a  lot of sense across the lineup we should see a15
with maybe even more ram it depends on whether  or not the iphone needs it the iphone is very
efficient with the ram so it makes sense that we  may not need it but if we do see some expect it
maybe two more gigabytes or so where we could bump  up to maybe eight gigabytes on the largest models
where we have six now so maybe we’ll see that now  one thing that’s a little bit of a downside to me
is that we’re going to retain lightning we’re  not switching to usbc yet so we’ll still have
a lightning port to charge maybe in the future  we’ll have a portless iphone but it’s expected
to have a lightning port this time around and  so you’ll be able to plug it in and charge your
phone via lightning just like you always could  but will also have faster charging capability
according to many of the most recent rumors and  leaks meaning that we can charge up to 25 watts
apple recently released a new charging adapter  up to 30 watts so maybe it could go even faster
but we’ll have that as well as magsafe of course  now again this year many are expecting reverse
wireless charging we’ve seen this enabled a little  bit with the new iphone magsafe battery pack where
you can plug into the iphone and reverse charge  the battery pack through the iphone the speeds
are not great but you can do it but it’s better  to charge through the pack so maybe we’ll see this
maybe we won’t but it would be great to be able  to charge your air pods through your iphone and
maybe they’ll finally enable that this year we’ve  heard this for a couple years but we would love
to see it just be enabled at this point it looks  like the technology’s there in the current iphones
so we just have to wait for them to do it with the  iphone 13 hopefully now also one thing that’s very
significant is battery life it looks like not  only will the a15 cpu be more efficient like it is
every year but it may have better battery life due  to the overall thickness of the device it looks
like based on these prototypes or these models  that it could be slightly thicker on some models
so the overall thickness is maybe a millimeter  or half a millimeter thicker but that size will
give more room for a larger extended battery  so hopefully we see even better battery life
we’ve had great battery life now it would be  great to get maybe 14 hours of screen on time
and we’ll have to wait and see of course but  hopefully we see that now as far as the color
availability expect very similar colors now the  one thing is some people are saying there will
be blue others are saying it will be orange or  maybe a darker purple color for the pro model
we’ve had green we’ve had pacific blue and maybe  we’ll have a purple this time or an orange but
we’ll have to wait and see there hasn’t been  any significant leaks showing the actual color
that proves that that’s what they’re going to  do it could be the exact same where we have
gold silver space gray or a graphite and  pacific blue but they tend to change the
one color on the pro models every year so we  could see that also with the regular models
we’ll have to see if they keep more pastel  colors or change it up to something different
but we’ll know within about a month and a half  or so now one thing we could see that we don’t
know a hundred percent is many have been saying  we want touch id some have said we’ll see it this
year others have said we won’t see it this year  i would welcome it it makes things much easier
sometimes if you’re wearing a mask or maybe you  just want to use that as it’s faster sometimes
for many people i know quite a few people that  prefer touch id over face id and whether or not
they could integrate it into the power button like  they do on the ipad air or it’s just integrated to
the screen either way i would love to see that so  hopefully they add something like that this year
but that probably will be a couple years away it  looks like hopefully it will be this year and so
that’s everything we expect with the iphone  13 13 mini 13 pro and 13 pro max i can’t wait
to see what they have hopefully there’s some  surprises as well but again many of these leaks

have already come out and they tend to be pretty  accurate year over year let me know what you’re looking most forward to in the comments below…


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