Air Vs Pro – MacBook Air Vs MacBook Pro Sinhala Buying Guide…

MacBook Air Vs MacBook Pro -Incredibly similar, like fraternal twins, the MacBook Air and Pro share machined aluminum shells, MacBook Air vs Pro: Perfomance MacBook Pros have faster U-series Intel processors, while the MacBook Air has a slower Y-series processor that is optimized for everyday tasks and battery life.

The Air and 13-inch Pro make do with Intel Iris Plus graphics, but the 16-inch MacBook Pro offers discrete AMD graphics. MacBook Air vs Pro: Battery life Again, it pays to go Pro. This time, the margin isn’t as vast, as the MacBook Air posted pretty a good battery life result (web surfing at 150 nits) time of 9 hours and 31 minutes.

The Pros, however, lasted more than an hour longer, with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro posting a time of 10:21 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro going a bit longer, to 10:55. iCloud,iPhone xr,iPhone x, iPhone,iPhone 11,AirPods,iPhone 8,iTunes,Apple Watch,iPhone xs, iPhone xs max,iPhone 7 plus,iPhone 8 plus,iPad pro iPhone se,Apple id,Airpods 2,find my iphone,macbook pro, iphone 11 pro,iphone 6 plus,ios 13, apple tv,apple airpods


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