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AirPods Pro wireless earphones cannot be repaired

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The iFixit dismantling specialists dismantled the Apple AirPods Pro wireless headphones and talked about the maintainability of the accessory. Like previous AirPods, the new headset is beyond repair.

According to experts, silicone earbuds with special fasteners and the lack of spare parts make AirPods Pro repairs impractical and uneconomical. This may mean that the broken headphones must either be disposed of or replaced with AppleCare +.

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Dismantling also revealed some interesting features of AirPods Pro. For example, the new headset is one third heavier than classic AirPods due to new components necessary for active noise reduction.

In addition, “tablets” were found in the headphones – watch-type batteries. The same ones are used in Samsung Galaxy Buuds, only with a difference that they can not be replaced in AirPods Pro, because they are sold to the cable.

The Lightning port in the headphone box is modular and can be replaced. iFixit believes that Apple could theoretically make the ear part of the headphones replaceable – antennas, microphones and other sensors – however, the company decided not to do this for any reason.

As a result, the AirPods Pro maintainability rating is 0 out of 10. Experts believe that disassembling the headphones will be difficult not only for the average user, but also for the specialist.

Apple introduced the new generation of AirPods on October 28th.

Source: Infixit


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