All List of Top Counselling Services in Nigeria


How to Locate Counselling Services in Nigeria?

We are happy to have compiled all list of top individuals and organizations that provide the best professional counselling services allover Nigeria.


Marriage Matters is an organization specialized in working with individuals, couples, parents and families.

The service was established by Bose Fawehinmi, an experienced counsellor with certificates in several disciplines like Biblical Counselling from CCEF, Professional Counselling and other relevant studies both in USA and Nigeria.

Marriage Matters was established based on the need to bring intensive life coaching and relationship training to married and unmarried people and it has helped people with psychological challenges such as depression, overwhelming stress and anxiety, anger, hurts, childhood traumas, addictions etc.

Instead of taking the dangerous of suppressing emotion, Marriage Matters helps individuals come to the awareness of their thought, feelings and actions and guide them to make appropriate changes.

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The entire experience provided at Marriage Matters enables the individual to become more conscious which ignites the healing process and enables the achievement of positive outcomes.

Their counselling services include therapy and consultation which utilizes a solution-focused approach to work with individuals, couples and families. In the course of counselling, Marriage Matters employs gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, person-centred therapy, biblical counselling and family systems engineering.

Another aspect of the therapy service is coaching which is done by creating a client-centred environment that increases the individual’s personal awareness and helps them gain insight into what they are going through which enables them come up with unique solutions to problems.

Through the coaching services, individuals are helped to become more productive in life and to make changes that are positive and realistic.

Additionally, the counselling service at Marriage Matters utilizes assessment tools that are used to gather and integrate information about presenting problems in ways that promote effective treatment.


This is another excellent counselling service provided by popular blogger, Detola Adegbohun also known as DeeDee. The platform enables telephone-based counselling.

Deedee is an experienced life and relationship with a certificate in Counseling Psychology and Relationship Coaching. The service was set up based on the founder’s passion to help people through psychological issues relating to love and relationships.

The counselling service took off when DeeDee began by using his writing skills to push relationship contents all over the world before he began to speak and support people going through one relationship issue or the other.

Within 6 months of launching this counselling outfit, Detola has helped over 100 men and women battling with relationship and depression challenges


Based in Abuja, the ICN is regarded as the first psychotherapy and clinical counselling in the whole of Africa. The institute was established in 2010 as a non-profit private academic organization based on Christian principles.

The company is a standard institute where various professional counselling studies are undertaken in state-of-the-art facilities and conducive environment.

The professionals at ICN are seasoned and they offer pastoral counselling, clinical counselling and psychotherapy.

ICN offers services such as normal teenage behaviours vs early signs of mental illness and the concept of grief works.


Founded by Chiadi Ndu, a certified psychologist with a Masters education in Counselling Psychology, Beyond the Heart is a counselling service that provides deep therapy that drives into the psychological realm of clients. Ndu is known for her unique style of communication that helps to make her clients fill relaxed.

Also, Ndu uses a wide range of teaching methods and therapies to help clients improve the outcome of her therapy.

Ndu is a guest writer on the BellaNaija blog, she is also the author of the book, ‘Anchor Beyond my Fears.

Additionally, Beyond the Heart centre offers services on psychological therapy and total wellness and the service extends its offering to the media by anchoring a radio show on IFM and CFM.


23 24 Relationship & Family Counselors is made up of highly trained counsellors engaged in handling marriage and family issues.

The counselling outfit was founded by Dayo Ladi-Omotunde and it existed as far back as 2008.

The services offered cover a wide range of issue from problems in marriage, counselling for adolescents and teenagers to post-traumatic counselling, therapy.


Seek “a” Counsel is an online platform that was set up by a group of passionate and knowledgeable counsellors with the objective of helping people going through heartbreaking torture in the hands of their spouses/friends, bosses/relations and sometimes, strangers.

It is a well-known fact that these victims don’t usually speak out as a result; this was the first e-counselling website that was geared towards giving voices to the oppressed without the fear of being judged.

This platform enables individuals talk about their problems in order to receive counselling from experts and other members without having their privacy compromised.


PsychNG is a Lagos-based psychology firm, PsychNG providing counselling therapies which include all forms of psychotherapy.

The services offered include:

  • Behavioural psychology; behaviour analysis, adjustment for people living with autism etc.
  • Custodian psychotherapy; rendering therapy services from home service, call service or therapy while on motion, enabling you to enjoy the best therapy anywhere you are
  • Consultancy; you will get adequate mentorship on issues such as educational goals, mental and psychological wellness, business endeavours, and other personal projects.
  • Forensic therapy and in-depth psychological investigation into criminal cases
  • Psychological evaluation in the areas of mood swings and abnormalities

PsychNG also provides life coaching in all aspects of life and assist as well as guide individuals in achieving their goals and reaching their potentials.


Founded by Leke Alder in 2013, Jack and Jil is an online counselling website which was birthed in 2013 when the creator was inspired to write open letters anonymously to imaginary Jack and Jil. His letters depicted the sufferings, heart desires, trauma and wishes of an imaginary man and woman who look up to the imaginary Jack and Jil as mentors.

Leke Alder posted the letters on his twitter account and people’s responses were overwhelming. The reception spread across many nations of the world, capturing about 49 countries.

You can visit the Jack & Jil website for interesting and informative stories on life, relationships, family and many more. You can also send a letter to Leke Alder if you have any issues that require counselling.


Ask Dr Malik is the brainchild of Dr Malik Haruna, a medical doctor from the University of Jos. He is also a sex therapist with expertise in reproductive health for women and sex-related issues.

Additionally, Dr Malik is a relationship and life counsellor base in the Northern part of Nigeria.

His website, Ask Dr Malik is an e-counselling website where Dr Malik meets and interacts with his fans on several health challenges. Also, Dr Malik offers online and face-to-face consultations, so you can reach out to him no matter where you are in the country.

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