Android Powered iPad Pro Clone? Chuwi Hi Pad Plus Review…

Is This New Android Tablet Worth $269? Chuwi Hi Pad Plus is a new 11″ Android tablet with a 2K IPs Screen 4GB of Lpddr4x ram, 128GB of internal storage, and it’s powered by an 8 Core 2.0Ghz CPU, it definy[tly looks like an iPad pro with its aluminum unibody design.

In this video we do an unboxing, go over the specs, test out some 4k video playback and see how well it runs android games like Minecraft, Call of duty mobile and even Genshin Impact and even CLoud gaming apps like xCloud and Stadia, and finally test out some emulation like Dreamcast using Redream and N64 using Mupen 64 Plus FZ.

SO is this a good budget android tablet option for 2021?


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