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Apple ahead of other companies – Full List

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From the Apple report for the second fiscal quarter of 2019, it follows that the company’s accounts are $ 225.4 billion. Although it is less than in the previous period (245 billion), but the technology corporation remains in first place on this indicator.

The first nine companies with the largest cash flow looks like this:

  • Apple – 225.4 billion dollars
  • Microsoft – 131.6 billion dollars
  • Google – 113.5 billion dollars
  • Facebook – 45.2 billion dollars
  • Cisco – 40.4 billion dollars
  • Oracle – 40.0 billion dollars
  • Amazon – 37.0 billion dollars
  • IBM – 18.0 billion dollars
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Apple plans to invest in a new campus in Austin, Texas. About 15 thousand employees will move there. In addition, the company is increasing its range of services and releases its own content for streaming service Apple TV +.

Apple‘s revenues for the second quarter amounted to $ 58 billion – 5% less than the same period of 2018.

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