Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Watch THIS Before You BUY!

Apple just released a brand new MagSafe battery pack that will work on all iPhone 12 models, however, because it works on all iPhone 12 models, it means that this is a one size fits all solution and the MagSafe battery pack looks quite different depending on which iPhone you use.

In this video, I show you how the MagSafe battery pack looks on all the iPhone models including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as talk about what I like and don’t like about this product.


  1. I was hoping I would get some information that I cannot find anywhere else. How do I know when the battery pack is fully charged? How much charge can I get from the battery pack. How can I tell how much charge is left on the battery pack? I just bought one and it’s frustrating that Apple doesn’t give directions. I read on an Apple forum that when I plug it in, an amber light will show, which is what happened. It goes out in about 5 seconds. Supposedly, when it’s fully charged, there will be a “brief” green light. How do I know when the green light has been on? These are questions I was hoping I would find the answers for, here or somewhere else. I’m inclined to return this. I don’t really care how it fits, I care more about how it works. Thank you for your review.


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