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Apple sued for “bringing to homosexuality” [ TROUBLE Looms]

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In Moscow, the court will consider the lawsuit of a 25-year-old man who accused Apple of “bringing to homosexuality.” According to the plaintiff, the corporation made him gay, so she is obliged to pay him compensation for non-pecuniary damage, writes RBC,

The plaintiff’s lawyer clarifies that in 2017, a Muscovite installed an application for operations with cryptocurrencies on his smartphone. In July 2019, unknown persons credited 69 Gaycoin cryptocurrency units to a man’s electronic wallet, sending a message Don’t blame until you do that (“Do not judge, do not try”). According to the plaintiff, after that he decided to part with his girlfriend and try a same-sex relationship.

I really thought how to judge something without trying. And I decided to try same-sex relationships. 

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According to the lawyer, the name of the currency, its amount – 69 – and this message, which was in the comment, “gave such sprouts.” Initially, the client ordered another cryptocurrency – bitcoins. 

The plaintiff also adds that he had a permanent young man, and he does not know how to explain this to his parents. His life has changed for the worse, now he “cannot get out.” 

The victim believes that Apple is to blame for this, which allowed the application with this cryptocurrency to appear on the App Store. “Mental harm” was estimated at 1 million rubles, in court the case is already being prepared for consideration. At the time of writing the news, Apple did not comment on the situation.

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