Apple Will NEVER Make an iPhone 13?!

Just so that we’re 100% crystal clear on this — Apple can call the next iPhone… pretty much anything they want. iPhone 12s. iPhone 13. Sure. iPhone…

20. iPhone 20… 21. Why not? iPhone baker’s dozen. Nope. Hard nope. iPhone Extreme. Ok. Fine. iPhone… Mother of Dragons. Come at me.

So the only real question here is… what *will* they call it? Some people believe Apple will honor the superstition and just never name any iPhone 13.

Like many buildings just don’t have 13th floors.

Others, that Apple will once again want to use the S to properly set expectations for a phone with the same design but better internals, including a better version of a new radio technology and the introduction of a new biometric fingerprint identity scanner.

Just like they did almost a decade ago with the iPhone… 5s. And go with iPhone 12s.


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