Are Hydrogen-Powered Cars The Future?

We’re all told that petrol and diesel cars are bad for the environment. Not only do they emit carbon and nitrogen emissions through the tailpipe but they are derived from fossil fuels, a finite resource that is close to running out.

The solution, so far, has been electric powered vehicles. These come with a whole array of concerns, most prominently, range anxiety. This word entered the dictionary when EV owners and skeptics began to express concern over their vehicles’ range compared to conventional fossil fuels, sometimes offering less than half as many miles.

Currently, the concept of an electric vehicle revolves around a central battery pack that provides power to the electric motor. This allows energy to be generated externally, and just to be stored onboard.

Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Hydrogen fuel cars take a different approach, generating the electricity onboard instead. Investment in this new alternative fuel has been growing since the 1990s, when Honda, Hyundai and Toyota first showed interest. Are Hydrogen-Powered Cars The Future?


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