With so many LTE bands, just buying a 4G phone is not enough, you need to also ensure that the phone supports the LTE bands of your local networks. The aim of this article is to show the best 4G phones with the Nigerian networks they can support.

All the Best Android Phones support 4G LTE so you can enjoy mobile Broadband services. 4G LTE is also available on most highend smartphone whether Android, Windows, iOS, or BlackBerry.

4G Bands and LTE Band Frequencies of Nigerian Networks

Apart from Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9Mobile mentioned above, other 4G Networks in Nigeria include NTel, InterC, Swift, Spectranet, and Smile.

Network 4G LTE Bands Frequencies
MTN 7 & 20 2600MHz & 800MHz
9Mobile 3 1800MHz
Glo 28 700MHz
Airtel 3 1800MHz
NTel 8 & 3 900MHz & 1800MHz
Smile 20 800MHz
InterC 20 800MHz
Spectranet 40 2300MHz
Swift 40 2300MHz
Bitflux 40 2300MHz

Now that we know the 4G LTE networks in Nigeria, let us take a look at best 4G phones you can by right now. You can click on the name of the phone for detailed features of the 4G phone.


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