Best Budget 5G Phones (Winter 2020) | Xiaomi vs Realme vs Moto vs OnePlus…

Reviewing the best budget 5G-ready smartphones of 2020, comparing the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite vs the Realme X50, Moto G 5G Plus, OnePlus Nord (& N10), Oppo Reno 4Z and more.

Here’s how my favourite affordable mobiles stack up for camera tech, PubG and CoD gaming performance, battery life and specs.

I’ve fully tested and reviewed all of these handsets here on Tech Spurt. Check out my other round-ups of the best budget phones of 2020 under £400, £300 and £200 for more ideas without that 5G support! One of the greatest cheap handsets launched this year is Xiaomi’s Mi 10T Lite, which boasts impressive features including a 120Hz screen and SD750G chipset.

If you’re not a fan of MiUI 12, you might prefer Motorola’s Moto G 5G Plus though.

This comes with stock Android and also has more capable camera tech vs the Xiaomi phone. I’m a big fan of Realme’s X50 5G, while you can save a few quid with the similarly great Realme 7 5G.

This uses a Mediatek platform instead, and is just as strong for online gaming with PubG and so on.

Then there’s OnePlus’ Nord and N10 5G, which are over £300 but still budget friendly. I adore the original Nord’s OLED screen, which is best in this budget round-up.

The N10 unfortunately proved quite buggy and not as enjoyable as the Mi 10T Lite or Realme and Moto smartphones.


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