Best Gadgets Aliexpress 2021 | 12 New Gadgets from Aliexpress 2021 | Cool Gadgets

Hi, this is Tina here & welcome to my channel “Top Express Deals”. IN this video iv shared Best Gadgets Aliexpress 2021 | 12 New Gadgets from Aliexpress 2021 | Cool Gadgets Here are some cool products like Smartband Tracking, Solar Security Camera, Luxury Smart Watch and many others which you can find on Aliexpress.

Smart band tracking Huawei band 6 has  a 1.47 inch AMOLED full view display size of displaying area is 1.48 times larger and  a low bezel 64% screen to body ratio combine that with the high resolution 194 x 368 display with  282 ppi and you’ve got something really impressive to look at on your wrist.
Huawei band 6 offers an  incredible 14 days battery life for typical use Electric shaver LCD washable  wet and dry electric shaver IPX7 waterproof supports foaming shaving and smart  washable prompt 3D floating shaver head three independent floating cutters can add one-third  shaving area than normal double head shaver.
Solar security camera human detection reduces  the number of false alerts you receive intelligently differentiates humans from objects  the built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding area and allows you to see the whole picture in  color clarity even in low light infrared setting also available support iOS Android Windows PC with  the free app arcctv you’ll know that’s happening RC mini drone smart and easy to use  it has a sophisticated flight system.
It’s equipped with a 4K HD camera make the  control easy to use aerial photography is handy like shooting or outdoor sports hope  to record exciting moments at any time
4K drones allow you to record in  hd and record your every time with
different angles wonderful moments let  you stay in focus and keep good memories
Luxury smart watch built in multiple smart  functions to be your smart housekeeper on your
wrist HD large screen large screen displays more  information with high definition gorgeous display
health management help you understand your own  health status and regulate life pressure anytime
anywhere sports data analysis accurate sports  tracking and timely collection of sports data
Bike three in one trunk bags three in  one multifunctional bike rear pannier
simple design to solve complex problems  combines three bags with the unique design
powerful due to capacity about 65 l capacity  make your trip more exciting convenient for
versatility can be used independently easier  trip rain cover prevents the bag from getting wet
Underwater sea scooter 60 minutes battery life
three speed switch 1.2 milliseconds  max speed 30 meters max depth all
these remarkable specifications delivers  you an ultimate underwater experience
universal interface can be used with the majority  of sports cameras for shooting under the setting
of parent mode even the kids can enjoy the fun  while significantly improving personal safety
VR headset ultra high definition optical  imaging after several rounds of upgrading
LUCI immers reduces the weight of the optical  lens and achieves a 70 degree field of view
presenting an ultra high definition  image with no blurred edges
on the basis of ensuring 3147  ppi high definition resolution
it can reach the limit field of view of 70  degrees giving you a real imac cinema experience
Sup inflatable surfboard high quality wire  drawing technology anti-vibration glued drawing
and PVC structure buffering in stable linear  design safe and stable so speed suitable for
cruising or use on small waves deering in safety  ties to tighten the luggage and other items
not easy to slip put the paddle board and all  accessories in the bag portable and practical
Electric scooter the electric scooter  comes with a dual brake system
the front wheel has E-ABS anti-lock system  while the rear will uses mechanical disc brake
the braking distance can be shortened to  4 meters making your riding much safer
powered by 18 650 lithium-ion battery  pack with a battery capacity of 280 wh
and offering an over long  cruising distance of 30 kilometers
Camping backpack large capacity  display multi-pocket meet your need
multi-angle details close up  quality hardware and workmanship
breathable mesh two-way smooth zipper  chest adjustment buckle and side lock
Portable handheld welder this handheld  portable welding machine is easy for you to use
whether you are a professional hobbyist  or just beginning to learn welding
you can use it quickly and safely it is  small in size you can take it with you
digital thrust anti-stick design can arc  instantly will not stick to the electrode


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