Best Motorola Smartphones (2021) | Plus, Power, Play, Edge & More..

Reviewing the best Motorola Moto smartphones as we hit 2021, comparing the specs, camera tech, gaming performance and beyond. From the RAZR 5G, Edge plus the Moto G 5G Plus, to budget phones like the Motorola G9 Power and G9 Play, here’s my favourites. If you’re after an affordable smartphone, the Moto G series is the way forwards.

The G9 Plus and G 5G Plus are well-specced, with strong everyday grunt, solid battery life and respectable camera tech for this price point.

Gaming on PubG, Call of Duty etc is no problem. Even more budget-friendly Motorola phones like the G9 Play and Power can game on the go, although the screen drops to an HD 720p display.

For those with more money, the Moto Edge is still a lovable flagship, if still slightly overpriced. It’s a shame that Motorola’s plastic frame scratches up too easily but the sleek design, gorgeous screen and that stock Android experience are all boner-worthy.

If you’re super minted and want something a bit more crazy, check out the desirable Moto Razr 5G. This bendy blower is super expensive and the battery life isn’t great, but you can’t help but love that clever design.

So those are my favourite Motorola mobiles as we head into 2021. What about you guys, leave your mini reviews of the best Motos you’ve been using.

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