Best VR180 Camera for Filmmaking: Compare FM DUO, Z Cam K2Pro, K1Pro, Insta360 EVO in 3D 8K 60fps

Are you a beginning or professional filmmaker who wants to choose the BEST quality 3D 180 camera for your next immersive VR180 project?

You want to invest in the RIGHT camera in late 2021 and make sure your immersive projects can stay current & future-proof when new VR headsets arrive in 2022 and beyond. This VR180 video will SHOW you the answer with a carefully planned side-by-side comparison.

We will compare FM DUO – a brand new 12K 30fps / 8K 60fps 3D 180 camera – to Z Cam K2Pro, Z Cam K1Pro and Insta360 EVO.


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