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How To Recover All Your Loss in Football Betting

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Best Way To Recover All Your Loss in Football Betting?

86FB is a football betting platform under the City Football Group. It is a joint venture holding company in the UAE, the UK and China. Based in Manchester, it operates and manages a number of football clubs around the world, has a club certified and regulated by the local government in Nigeria, and has set up a legal Internet sports event investment company.

Do you know Nigerians are making millions from 86fb? or do you doubt the credibility of the 86FB betting platform?

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Now to tell you 86fb has come to stay…. Click on the link https://search.cac.gov.ng/list and paste the 86FB CAC Registration Number 1891287 and search to confirm that 86FB platform is registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

86FB certificate

This is a platform that gives opportunity for us to place a correct score at the opposite position. In the sense that when you stake a game to play 3-2 and they didn’t do it you WON and when they played 3-2 you get your money back.

Wow. That sounds son amazing, when you lose you gt your money back but that is when you play the company’s game by following their plan.

The team has two match plans every day. The first match plans to release the group at 11:00 a.m. and the second match plans to release the group at 17:00 p.m. during this period, you should pay attention to the group release plan and purchase the match on time.

On this platform, the minimum recharge is #3,500 and your earn on a daily bases but the outcome is very low.

But for those that have big money I mean the high stakes that want to avoid loss I swear this is a great opportunity for you.

You can only lose when you stake game on your own and they play the correct score you chose.


Click Here To Join

When you register make sure you recharge your account instantly so that use can start staking your games and start making your money. After making payment you can join this whatsapp group.

First of all, let’s talk about the operation mode of the team. The team and APP are the same as everyone and APP. Our team is the general agent of 86FB platform in Nigeria. It has also developed from an agency team of dozens of people to an agency team of tens of thousands of people. Moreover, our large team has also proposed to APP that if our team members consult APP, it will be given priority, here I would like to tell you that you are currently developing many partners at the lower level of agents. You can also become agents like our team, as long as you have enough contacts and can develop your team.

Next, let me first introduce to you how the 86FB makes money

I believe everyone can understand that APP’s agent rebates are level 1 10%, level 2 5% and level 3 3%. The team also supports everyone’s capital preservation plan and the team introduces feedback activities to everyone’s agents through APP’s agent rebates. The team also makes money through everyone’s rebates. This is why the team reminds everyone to develop their own team team every day.

In the entire Nigerian market, few teams dare to make promises to everyone that they will lose money due to investment losses. However, our team has always insisted on setting up its own capital preservation plan. The team has also developed into such a large scale by relying on its reputation. The team’s success is all due to giving back to team members, agents and teams to make 100% profit plans for everyone. The greatest feedback from partners to the team is to develop their own team.

As mentioned above, the team relies on your agent rebates to earn money. If our team cannot continuously promote the development of agents, the team will not get more rebates. Therefore, why does the team always let everyone develop more agents and let everyone develop agents is not only good for the team, but also good for yourself.

Here, I would like to mention to the agents who have just joined or joined for a long time but have increased their investment: no matter how good the product is, no matter how much money you can make, if you don’t pay capital investment or develop agency subordinates, then you are doomed to make no money. I received some team members telling me that I can’t make money here. When I asked him how much money he has invested at present, he told me that I had only invested 5000NGN, so everyone knew that no matter what business I do now, I need to invest money.

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