Cost of Current Nigerian International Passport in 2022 – Price of Nigerian International Passport in 2022


Price of Nigerian International Passport in 2022?

What amount does a Nigerian international passport cost now? Assuming you have been looking for the recently refreshed Nigerian international passport cost, then, at that point, this article will open you to all you really want to be familiar with the current passport expense in Nigeria.

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How much does a Nigerian international passport cost now?

The Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS) is the public authority organization burdened with the errand of giving a Nigerian international passport and visa. At this point, you should know you can’t go external the country without an international passport in Nigeria.

This is a direct result of these reasons we have accumulated the new and current Nigerian international passport cost including how to apply and the necessities.

How Much Does Nigerian International Passport cost?

The Nigerian international passport cost depends on two factors;

  • the validity period – whether 10 years validity or 5 years validity
  • Number of pages – (i) whether 32 pages passport for random travelers, who only travel in rare circumstances.

(ii) or 62 pages for consistent travelers in which 32 pages of passport have already been exhausted.

Below is the list of passport fees in Nigerian

  • 62 pages passport with 10 years validity cost N70,000 or $230 depending on the currency rate.
  • 62 pages passport for 5 years validity cost N35,000 or $150
  • 32 pages passport for 5 years validity cost N25,000 or $130

Nigerian International Passport Renewal

Having talked about the Nigerian international passport cost, here are what you need to renew your expired or misplaced passport.
You will be required to present the following at the NIS center.

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  • Two passports with a white background
  • Police report if the passport was misplaced
  • Passport number of the expired passport
  • 70,000 renewal fee

The renewal fee is the same as the application fee of a new passport. We advised you to apply for a new one instead of applying for the renewal of the Nigerian International passport because of the stress that comes with it.

How To Apply For Nigerian International Passport

To apply for a new Nigerian international passport, you can either do that online or offline.

Offline International Passport Application

You can visit the Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS) to apply for your Nigerian international passport which is common among Nigerians anyway.

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While some people give it to agents to apply for it on their behalf paying more additional fees and even at the risk of being defrauded.
Note: Whether you apply yourself or give it to an agent, you will still be required to submit the document yourself.

Online International Passport Application

As a result of modifications done by the President Muhammadu Buhari government, the new e-passport application. Nigerians can now apply for their international passport and visa in the comfort of their home.

Below is a detailed step on how to apply for a Nigerian International passport online

  • Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service website by clicking HERE
  • Click on the application form of the passport mostly the e-passport application form
  • Choose the passport type you want to apply for either Standard(Green for citizens of Nigeria) and Official(for Government officials and diplomats)
  • Then click on start application to get started
  • Filled the displayed application form with your correct details
  • Then go ahead to tick the attestation box to ascertain you submit your correct details and not fake.
  • Click on the print button to print out the already filled international passport application form.
  • Then proceed with your passport fee payment either by selecting Naira or Dollar as the currency.
    Note: Naira for Nigerians living in Nigeria while Dollar is for that outside.
  • Pay either by selecting a bank if you wish to go to the bank to pay or select a debit or credit card depending on your choice.
  • Print your payment acknowledgment slip by clicking the print acknowledgment button for those who printed online. For those who pay via the bank, you will be issued a payment receipt with a validation number which you will use to confirm your payment after.
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After completing all this process, you will then take all the printed documents with other requirements to the National Immigration Service Center.

Nigerian International Passport Application Requirements

Below is the list of the passport application requirement in Nigeria;

  • Already filled application form
  • Payment Slip
  • Your local government state of origin
  • Drivers license
  • Two passports with a white background
  • Birth Certificate
  • Change of name affidavit(if you have ever changed your name)
  • Processing fee of N15,000

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