The Real Cost Of The Apple Car

It’s an open secret that Apple has a team working on a car-related project, but the details are scarce as with many of Apple’s projects. Is it a self-driving car or just an automated driving system? The iCar project has been going on behind the scenes at Apple for a long time. Back in February 2015, there were murmurs that Apple was working on a car that would “give Tesla a run for its money.” But as a car enthusiast, have you ever asked yourself the real cost of the Apple car? Watch this video till the end and walk away with those answers. The iCar project is codenamed Titan, according to The Wall Street Journal, which originally stated there were “several hundred” Apple employees working on the project. So, we know that Apple, like many other tech companies – are looking at car-related technology. But what we don’t know for sure is whether Apple’s behind-the-scenes efforts will result in an Apple Car actually being released to the general public. In December 2020, “people familiar with the matter” quoted insisted that the car project is back on and that a passenger vehicle for consumers will be released in 2024 – or rather, that’s when Apple is targeting for the launch.

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