Elon Musk’s New $5 Million Tesla Helicopter.

We’ve already seen a few examples of helicopter concepts, for example, Airbus Helicopter ‘H160’.

But this one is really exceptional! Despite its unique design, this is a concept of an electric helicopter. Designer Antonio Paglia sure seems to think the Tesla Helicopter is well on its way. Today, we give a keen eye to Elon Musk’s Tesla helicopter concept.

Designed for efficiency and speed, this Helicopter would do well in departments like safety and patrol, allowing the administration to effectively patrol the skies and ground while even in some cases offer assistance in an emergency. Cool, right?

This design is from the mind of Antonio Paglia, an architect, and designer from Milano, Italy, with a taste for anything fast. From the details of his design— the shapes, lines, and color scheme all hint he is a fan of Iron Man.

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