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Favorite phones under $1,000

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OnePlus 7 Pro ($669): Flagship features, without the crazy price

The OnePlus 7 Pro offers the same Snapdragon 855 processor you’ll find in top-tier Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, lots of high-speed memory and a gorgeous (and fast!) display. This hardware makes the OnePlus 7 Pro one of the smoothest smartphones out there.

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Plus, you get a true edge-to-edge display. To unlock it, you use a fingerprint sensor hidden under the touch screen. There’s no notch or hole punch for the front-facing camera. Instead, a little electric motor pops the camera up when it’s needed and hides it inside when not in use.

You give up a few things, though. Despite OnePlus demonstrating that the 7 Pro can take a few dunks, there’s no independently verified water resistance rating. Wireless charging is also not available, though the 7 Pro supports super quick fast charging.


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