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FCMB Transfer Code (2020/2021) – Transfer or Send Money with *329#

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A ussd (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code is a service data code programmed for a specific service on a mobile network.

It is a form of communication between the mobile network user and the mobile network provider or an application program on the network. The code you dial to recharge your phone, check your account balance and many more are all ussd codes.

FCMB Transfer Code

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Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to send money to anyone in Nigeria anywhere and any time both to fcmb and other banks. It is fast, secure and easy. Complete the transaction with your 4-digit PIN.

How to use the FCMB Code

You must have an FCMB account before you can make use of this code; it is not for non FCMB account holders – sure, you know that already.

Next, you have to make sure that you are using the phone number you provided when you were opening your bank account, if you’ve lost or misplaced it, you can visit your branch customer care to have it updated.

Proceeding, you’ll need a pin to be able to use the service just as it is with your ATM card. To create this Pin, dial the code *329*0# and follow the onscreen instructions, you are likely to be required to provide your ATM last digits. This is how you activate or register your phone number for this short code.

You can transfer money in two ways.

  1. Dial the mobile code *329# and select the options for sending money and complete it by following the onscreen instructions
  2. Or you can use the direct code which is *329*Amount*Account number#.

Which ever way you choose will work and you would select the Bank you are transferring to, if it is FCMB or others. A service fee may be charged to your account for each transaction.

Introduction to FCMB Mobile Code

As stated earlier, fcmb introduced a simple ussd transfer code to make banking activities easier for their customers. The fcmb mobile code, *329#, is not for money transfer alone but money transfer is what we are interested in now.

If you want to transfer money, think of the stress of going to the bank, filling a teller slip, standing at a queue for some minutes before it gets to your turn.

You do not have to pass through that anymore as the system has been made easier, with 329, you can transfer money to fcmb accounts and other bank accounts in a fast, convenient and secure way.

Daily Transfer Limit

The daily transfer limit with the FCMB Mobile transfer code is just N5,000. Not to worry, the limit can be increased by contacting your bank branch.

Transaction Charges

You might be charged up to 10 – 50 Naira depending on the type of transfer you did. Fcmb to Fcmb transfer is free while to other banks attracts the aforementioned charges. Your service providers might also charge you up to 2-5 Naira for using this code.

Other Transactions You Can Perform

As said above, The FCMB Mobile transfer code is not for money transfer alone as it is used for other services as well.

You can use the code to recharge your phone, check your account balance, pay bills and more. To do this, simply dial the code *329# and select the service you want from the displayed menu. You can also carry them out by dialing these codes directly.

  • To credit the phone number registered to your bank account, simply dial *329*Amount#.
  • Buy credit for every other numbers such as that of friends, families or anyone using *329*Amount*Mobile number#
  • To check your account balance, dial *329*00# and it will be displayed.
  • Purchase data by dialing *329*1*Mobile Number#
  • If you are a GoTV or DSTV subscriber, you can pay for your subscription by dialing *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#.

Just as it is with the money transfer, you may be charged little service charges for making use of these USSD codes by your service provider.

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