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Generators price and distributors in Nigeria

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Generator price and distributors in Nigeria…

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Nigerians are forced to own a generator for home and industrial use as a result of poor power supply in Nigeria. This list gives the prices of generators available in Nigeria, all prices were gotten from major dealers in Nigeria and are subject to change at any time.
All prices are in Nigeria Naira.

Prices of Osychris Generators in Nigeria

Osychris 3.0KvA Recoil/Electric Key Start Generator- ₦ 75,000
Osychris 2.5KvA Recoil/Electric Key Start Generator – ₦ 64,050
Osychris 15KVA Key Start Generator – ₦ 669,000
Osychris 6.5KvA Recoil/Electric Key Start Generator – ₦ 136,500
Osychris 5KvA Recoil/Electric Key Start Generator With Wheels – ₦ 120,500

Prices of Honda Generators in Nigeria

Honda 0.85KvA EG1000 Manual Generator – ₦ 70,000
Honda 2.2KvA EP2500 Manual Generator – ₦ 125,700
Honda 5.5Hp GX160 Manual Multipurpose Engine – ₦ 47,000
Honda 2.2KvA FA2500FMH Manual Generator – ₦ 71,500
Honda 4.5KvA EG5000CX Manual Generator – ₦ 245,00
Honda 5.5KvA EG6500CXS Key-Starting Generator + Battery – ₦ 410,000

Sumec Firman Generator Prices in Nigeria

Sumec Firman 1.2KvA RD1910S (Manual) Generator – ₦ 37,950
Sumec Firman 6.3KVA (Key Starter) ECO7990ES Generator – ₦ 155,250
Sumec Firman 7.2KVA (Key Starter) ECO8990ES Generator – ₦ 173,500
Sumec 1.2KvA ECO1990 (Manual) Generator – ₦ 40,300
Sumec 6KVA (Key Starter) SPG8500E2 Generator – ₦ 149,500
Sumec 2.5KvA Firman SPG3000E2 Key Start Generator – ₦ 83,950
Sumec 2.6kva RD3910EX (Key Starter) Generator – ₦ 85,000
Sumec 1.1KvA Firman SPG1800 Manual Start Generator – ₦ 36,700
Sumec Firman 2KVA (Key Starter) FPG3000E2 Generator – ₦ 74,800
Sumec 7.2KVA (Key Starter + Remote) ECO8990ES Generator – ₦ 195,600
Sumec 0.9KvA SPG1200 (Manual) Generator – ₦ 23,200
Sumec 2.5KvA SPG2900 Manual start Generator – ₦ 65,250
Sumec 4.2KvA ECO5990ES (Key Starter) Generator – ₦ 144,900
Sumec 5kva SPG8000E2 (Key Starter) Generator – ₦ 151,600
Sumec Firman 2.5kva SPG300E2(R) Key Start Generator + Remote – ₦ 88,950

Prices of Senci Generators in Nigeria

Senci 2KvA SC3250 (Manual) Generator – ₦ 67,000
Senci 3.8KvA SC6000 (Key Starter) Generator – ₦ 115,300
Senci 7.5KvA SC13000 (Key Starter) Generator – ₦ 178,000

Prices of Tiger Generators in Nigeria

Tiger 0.9KVA TG950 Generator (I Better Pass My Neighbour) – ₦ 18,600
Tiger 2.7KVA TG2700 Generator – 65,000 Naira

Citizens Q6500XE 5.5.KVA Elite Electric Gasoline Generator – ₦ 150,290
Jinling 2KvA JL2600 (Key Starter) Petrol Generator – ₦ 58,000

Dear please know this before buying a generator in Nigeria, ensure you check it to ensure it works efficiently, properly and make sure it has at least 1-year warranty to avoid buying a fake or refurbished product full in the market.

Are you a distributor share your contact through the comment section…

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