Girl humiliated her classmate and brought her to tears. Many years later they met in different roles

There is no need to respond with evil if you have been hurt. The biggest lesson for your abuser will be your calmness and friendliness. An unusual story happened to the girl named Victoria.

She did not differ from many of her classmates, and she was brought up in an ordinary and modest family.

During her studies at school, Victoria’s parents changed their place of living several times and moved from city to city. The girl changed so many schools that she did not have time to make friends anywhere.

At first, she was very worried, and then she got used to this fact. In new schools she was either not noticed or her classmates made fun of her.

But the difficulties did not frighten Victoria, but, on the contrary, only made her stronger. The girl studied diligently and helped her parents about the house.

And Victoria did not pay attention to the ridicule of teenagers, as her mother taught


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