Google’s Pixel 5 may be boring, and that’s not a bad thing…

New leaks suggest the Pixel 5 will not be a flagship-level phone. The Pixel 5 is expected to have a Snapdragon 765 5g chipset, and 8GB of RAM.

This means the Pixel 5 may in fact be slightly slower than the Pixel 4, which will probably make a lot of folks skeptical of buying it. But with smartphone prices ballooning into the mid-thousands of dollars, if Google can keep the Pixel 5 affordable, it could be an appealing device.

You’ll still get Google’s top-tier camera, albeit the same sensor we’ve seen since the Pixel 2, in standard and wide-angle configurations, and after the snafu of the Pixel 4, we’re also expecting the 5 to have a much larger battery.


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