How HOT Will Your FANLESS M1 MacBook Air Get? – Thermal Testing with Gaming, 4K Monitors, Rendering…

The new 2020 M1 MacBook Air does not have a fan, so how is it supposed to keep cool?

In this video I put my MacBook through some extreme thermal testing.

I use TGPro and a FLIR thermal imaging camera to see just how hot the MacBook Air gets when under load.

I render some 8K R3D footage shot in RAW via DaVinci Resolve, render After Effects compilations, Blender rendering, gaming, and multitasking with a 4K monitor.

After all testing, the MacBook Air performed very well and thermals stayed very consistent.

However, if you are doing a lot of long gaming sessions or many hours of rendering often, I would suggest upgrading to a MacBook Pro for the sole purpose of the included fan.


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