How Tesla Builds Cars So Fast…

Tesla is currently capable of turning out about 5,000 electric vehicles each week when at maximum capacity, which is a huge leap forward from this time last year, yet far from the estimated figures of this time next year.

The rate at which production has grown as been exponential, and this has been partly due to the surge in demand for electric cars and the increase in interest and popularity for the brand.

But how has Tesla, a very young company compared to the established brands, succeeded in ramping up its production in such little time?

To understand how, we must first understand why, and we’re faced with the time old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In this instance, we ask whether the interest in stepping away from fossil fuels came to light first, or whether it was the launch of companies like Tesla which introduced new possibilities that fuelled the pro-electric, anti-fossil fuel debate.

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